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To get in touch with Diggersrest Timber Company to order or enquire about our CCA Treated Timber, CCA Timber and CCA Treated Poles, use the contact details or form provided below:

Office Number:
+27 (0)15 307 5558

Cellular Numbers:
Office: +27 (0)82 903 8982 / +27 (0)82 887 2302
Management: +27 (0)78 802 6212
Sales: +27 (0)83 533 4774

Email Addresses:

Physical Address:
Diggersrest Timber Company
GV 31 George's Valley (13 kilometers from Tzaneen on the R528),
Tzaneen 0850,
Limpopo Province,

GPS Coordinates:
S 23° 54' 32.0", E 30° 03' 49.8" (DMS)
-23.9088889,  30.063833333333335 (DD)

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(CCA) Chromated Copper Arsenate
(CCA) Chromated Copper Arsenate Image
In CCA treatment, copper is the primary fungicide, arsenic is a secondary fungicide and an insecticide, and chromium is a fixative which also provides ultraviolet (UV) light resistance.
Creosote Image
Creosote was the first wood preservative to gain industrial importance more than 150 years ago and it is still widely used today for protection of industrial timber components where long service life is essential.
Sawmill Image
Diggersrest Timber Company has traditionally cut Wet Off Saw eucalyptus for pallet and furniture manufacturers. We are currently cutting 90% of all our timber for Biligom International. Please feel free to follow the link to find out more about the B